Do You Want to Lead Your Team Instead of Just Managing It?

Are you struggling to trust your intuition and take action in a new role or leadership position? Are you overwhelmed by all of the different relationships you have to develop, navigate and maintain in the workplace? It may be that you are having trouble delegating responsibility or holding team members accountable, instead spending your time and energy on tasks that someone else should have completed. Or, maybe you have been in position for months or years, but you don’t feel like you are truly motivating your team or inspiring real change. Maybe you compare yourself to other leaders and executives in your organization who are more extroverted – or reserved – and wonder if you have the right personality or “brand” to be an effective leader. Are you looking to better understand and utilize your leadership style and strengths so you can effectively motivate and empower your team and reach your true potential as a leader?

Your work experience may also be taking a toll on your personal like, especially if you’re constantly dwelling on what more you could be doing or how you should be taking your team or organization to the next level. You may feel like you have to sacrifice being in a relationship to focus on the tremendous responsibilities you have at work. Or, maybe you spend the time you have with your partner, family members or friends talking about what is happening at work instead of focusing on your relationship and/or enjoying their company. You might want to keep more fluidity between your work life and personal life, but the stress of leadership or management responsibilities can make it hard to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Do you feel like you could do and accomplish more if you just had a trusted advisor you could talk with about career stress and leadership goals?

Most of Us Aren’t Taught Effective Leadership Skills

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We all go through periods of transition, whether we are stepping into a new position or working to take our team or company to the next level. And, while everyone goes through periods of heightened stress or self-doubt, we all have abilities, skills and personality traits that we can strengthen and draw from to be the best kind of leader we can for our team and ourselves. But, for most of us, leadership wasn’t something we were taught. Furthermore, the skills that helped you get promoted may not be the same skills you need to excel in your new position. And, there isn’t always a safe space to talk about leadership challenges, especially if you are in a competitive executive role. You might worry that you will be judged or evaluated for seeking support, and it can seem easier – or better for your career – to internalize your doubts and stress rather than addressing challenges, needs and goals with a mentor or leadership coach.

The truth is that any new experience requires that we draw on different parts of our personality and skills. While a new role or responsibilities may initially cause you to feel unprepared or overwhelmed, there are steps you can take to better understand your leadership style, preferences and needs. Leadership coaching provides resources, strategies, guidance and support to help you work through management challenges, resolve interpersonal conflicts, empower yourself and your team and take your organization to the next level.

Accomplish Team, Organization and Career Goals with Leadership Coaching

Executive coaching is about figuring out who you are as a leader, identifying how you want to lead and gaining the confidence needed to take action and stay motivated even when you’re dealing with challenges. As your leadership coach, I can help you gain awareness of your personal style and the interpersonal communication and organizational dynamics of your team so you can manage and inspire more intentionally and effectively as a leader. Rather than just focusing on challenges and stressors in the workplace, we can work together to explore how your process and environment are affecting your sense of confidence and wellbeing. As you build self-awareness and define steps you can take to adapt your approach and work environment, you can more effectively meet your team member’s needs and company goals.

I take an action-oriented approach to executive coaching, incorporating a variety of tools and strategies tailored to best address and support your unique strengths, needs and leadership goals. We will use career testing, leadership assessments and other resources to clarify your style of leadership and identify any workplace challenges, stressors and conscious or subconscious beliefs that are impacting your ability to perform. When you understand how you and your team communicate and respond to conflict, you can develop skills and strategies to manage different personalities and communicate processes, procedures, expectations and goals clearly and effectively. Instead of trying to change who you are or how you lead, you can learn to weave your personality and strengths into your leadership style.

I have been working with women from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds for 20 years. I know both personally and professionally the power of this work, and I am committed to helping other women feel confident, capable and empowered in positions of leadership. With support and a willingness to explore yourself, your team and your business, it is possible to feel empowered and confident in your leadership role and take and your organization to the next level.

You may still have questions or concerns about working with a leadership coach…

I shouldn’t need support if I’m meant to be a leader.

You may feel like you have to succeed on your own, or that leaders are born, not made. But, the truth is that many leaders, executives and successful entrepreneurs work with a leadership coach. Coaching isn’t about identifying a flaw or weakness. Rather, it’s about helping you develop new skills, increase awareness and build confidence so you can take yourself and your team from where you are now to where you want to be.

I don’t have time to meet with a leadership coach.

You may feel like you are already too busy trying to keep up with work and your personal life. But, by taking time to clarify your leadership skills and style, you can more effectively use your strengths to accomplish short-term and long-term goals in the workplace. And, when you gain confidence in yourself and your team and learn to delegate responsibility, you can free up time to focus on other tasks and feel more balanced.

I’m supposed to be the leader. I shouldn’t need anyone to tell me how to lead.

The most effective leaders are willing to receive support to improve their performance, especially when they are in transition or feeling challenged. The truth is that you probably don’t need executive coaching to be able to perform in a leadership role. But, if you want to find ways to maximize your performance and success, I can provide tailored resources, skills, guidance and support that can help you reach your professional goals.

Empower Yourself and Your Team

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