Cicely Horsham-Brathwaite, Ph.D.

Cicely Horsham-Brathwaite, Ph.D.


Welcome to Brathwaite Psychological Consulting. In my boutique counseling and coaching practice, I partner with high performers to dig deep and take their career and life to the next level.



Leadership & Career Coaching

Are you tired of feeling dissatisfied with your career and work life? Do you secretly feel like you are capable of achieving in a more joyful and pleasurable way?  Is leading your team more challenging than you imagined? Are you ready to find a career that you are passionate about, that is aligned with your greatest skills and talents? I use career assessments and information gathered from our sessions together to develop a solution-oriented plan for helping you meet your career and leadership goals.  

Career Counseling
Career Assessment
Leadership Coaching



Are you feeling stuck and can’t seem to make the changes you know you need to make? Do you spend your time dreaming of a life you just can’t seem to create? Are you so focused on the needs of your friends, employees or loved ones that there is never time to focus on yourself? Do you have trouble trusting or relying upon others but are ready to strengthen the relationships in your life? Are you ready to live a more authentic life? I partner with my clients to identify the patterns that are holding them back from the life they want to lead, we design a plan that includes action-oriented steps that can help you create the life you desire.

Stress Management Coaching
Empowerment Coaching
Self-Care Coaching


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Are you looking for a keynote speaker, retreat or workshop leader? I can customize a workshop on a range of topics to assist your team, board or community group improve communication, learn tools for managing conflict or help improve performance through stress management techniques.



  • Dr. Brathwaite has facilitated a retreat for women leaders at our church over the last three years.. A community of faith faces the same challenges as many secular organizations however there are greater sensitivities. Dr. Brathwaite has been able to provide guidance to our board so that we are respectful to church traditions’ but free to explore how we can better serve the community outside of our church doors; adhering to our mission.

    We have experienced breakthroughs, increased sisterhood, and better participation as a whole as a result of her work. Dr. Brathwaite is perceptive, open to ideas, and overall made our sisters eager to explore further how we may work better together. She helped make our workshop subjects light and easy to tackle. Our progress will continue as she is joining us for a fourth year.
    — Adrienne M., Board Retreat Organizer
  • Balancing the complexity of leading, loving and being, is not easy for most women today. Life stressors are more challenging than ever. Dr. Brathwaite, has the intellect, grace and insight to propel you to be your best. She knows how to listen deeply, and walk with you while reflecting the pathway to your inner joy.
    — Dr. Portia Hunt, Professor Emeritus Temple University

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