Are You Ready to Foster a More Satisfying Career?

Do you feel like you are meant to do something different – something more fulfilling or exciting – but aren’t sure what career is the right fit for your goals and skill sets? Are you considering a career change, but feel like you need help developing new career skills or navigating the job market? Do you feel like you would be happier and more confident if you were in the right job? It may be that a transition to a new position with new responsibilities has you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the direction your career is taking. Or perhaps you are established in your career or industry, but a lack of satisfaction or joy in your work has you looking to change fields. Maybe your company is downsizing, causing you concern over job security, and you need help developing a back-up plan and/or navigating the job market. You might want to find a more satisfying, better paying career, but don’t know what options are available or what type of work you would enjoy. Making things more difficult, you may worry about how a job loss or career transition will affect your partner, family or how you are perceived in your field or community.

Alternately, you may have recently graduated or completed professional training and you are trying to figure out what you want to do now. You want to make confident decisions that foster a successful, fulfilling and balanced career, but aren’t quite sure what you need to feel happy and empowered in the workplace. Do you wish you could feel assured that you are taking the right steps to foster joy and satisfaction in your career?

Questions and Doubts are Common During a Career Transition

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Many people feel dissatisfied in their careers, whether they are just starting out or they have had years of success in their field. It is easy to become so focused on finances and career stability that happiness and leisure can feel like a luxury. Furthermore, most of us aren’t taught how to choose a career, manage career stress or navigate the job market, and it is natural to experience fear, doubt or uncertainty when considering a transition. You may have received advice from well-meaning partners, family members and career advisors to “go where the opportunities are.” But, you might be interested in feeling satisfied in your work as much as or more than just earning a significant income.

Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate career questions and transitions alone. Whether you are changing careers or you just want to learn more about your work style, goals and needs, an assessment can help you clarify skills, preferences and values. And, by reviewing test results with an experienced career coach, you can gain a clearer sense of your strengths, interests and what you need to feel happy and fulfilled in the workplace.

Find Your Own Path with a Career Assessment

Completing a professional assessment is about more than taking a test and letting the results tell you what you should do. Rather, career testing can be an incredibly powerful tool that gathers objective information about your strengths, values and goals. I take a focused and strategic approach to career testing and can help you identify blocks, build skills and develop effective ideas and solutions. I also make the assessment experience enjoyable. We will go on a journey of exploration together, and I provide a safe space and flexible approach so you can feel comfortable clarifying career goals and making empowered decisions.

During our first session, we will complete a thorough career history, which helps to develop a comprehensive idea of the work patterns and beliefs that impact how you perform and feel at work. Based on your career history, I will tailor my approach and the tests I’ll have you complete to best address your unique needs and goals. I provide a full battery of career tests and leadership assessments, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Strong Interest Inventory, to give you a detailed perspective around your skills, strengths, interests, values and personality. By completing individual tests between sessions, we can use our time to focus on your responses, practice new skills and help you reach career goals quickly and confidently. After you have completed the assessments, you will receive a written report summarizing the results and key takeaways that we discussed in sessions, giving you a valuable resource you can draw from throughout your career.

I have been using career tests to help women from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds foster confidence and satisfaction in their careers for 20 years. I have worked with executives, managers and staff at all levels as therapist, coach and Employee Assistance Provider, helping individuals learn to recognize and share their needs in the workplace. With the guidance and support of a career coach who can help you navigate test results, you can build awareness, develop professional skills and feel more confident and empowered as you pursue your ideal career.

But, you still may have questions or concerns about career testing…

How can a test tell me who I am or what I should do with my life?

Rather than telling you what you should do, vocational assessments and personality inventories are designed to provide guidance and insight to help you understand your ideal career options and feel confident making professional decisions. And, as a skilled career professional, I can help you assimilate the objective information from the career assessment with the subjective information we gather in sessions to develop a career plan that accounts for your personal and professional needs and goals.

Why should I pay someone to take a career quiz when there are free ones online?

Like visiting a doctor instead of looking up your symptoms on WebMD, taking a career test is only the first step in exploring your career goals and needs. I can walk through specific results with you and develop a personalized strategy you can use to build confidence and foster joy in your career.

Is the time or money to take a career quiz worth my investment?

Consider how much time and energy you may spend moving from job to job or trying to cope with career stress and dissatisfaction. With a career assessment and the guidance of a career professional, you can become clear on career goals and take specific steps toward getting what you want and need to feel happy and fulfilled in the workplace.

You Can Make Confident Career Choices

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