Stress Management Coaching

Are Stress, Doubt or Uncertainty Holding You Back?

Are you struggling to balance your time and energy between professional obligations and your personal life or relationships? Are you ready to take your relationships or career to the next level but worry how you will be perceived by others or that you won’t measure up to your own high standards? Do you feel like you have to choose between your career and relationships and that you can’t have a well-rounded, balanced life? You may be struggling to manage the stress of a major life transition, such as a move, career change or separation. Or maybe you’re stressed over what you’re told should be positive changes in your life, such as being promoted, starting a new relationship or having a child, and you are now doubting yourself and questioning your decisions. Perhaps you are dealing with adversity or performance issues in areas where you used to excel. You may feel self-conscious or unprepared to take on a new role or responsibilities, but have trouble asking for support and find yourself feeling stuck and overwhelmed. And, as you take on additional stress at work and home, you may feel increasingly tense, irritable and physically exhausted.

You might believe that you need to fit a certain standard in your career, relationships or community, but worry about losing sight of yourself and your values as you try to meet other people’s expectations. Maybe you put your social or romantic life on hold to focus on your career and wonder if you made the right choice. Alternately, you may be experiencing stress in your personal life or in a relationship that has begun impacting your performance at work. It may be that you have spent time and energy planning to make a change, but feel too uncertain or afraid to follow through with your plans. Do you wish you could understand why you feel uncertain, anxious or stuck and develop the tools and strategies you need to find stress relief and build self-confidence?

Stress Is a Normal Part of Our Lives

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Stress is a natural reaction that can keep us attuned to possible threats and help protect us from harm. But, sometimes stress can build to the point that it begins affecting other, important aspects of our lives, from our careers and relationships to our emotional and physical wellbeing. We all experience stress for different reasons. You may feel alone, unprepared and unsupported after a difficult loss or transition. Or, you might be overwhelmed and/or unfulfilled at work, but continue to put in long hours and take on new responsibilities because you don’t feel like you can afford to lose your job. To make things more difficult, “imposter syndrome” causes many women to play small in the workplace and live in a constant state of stress. Maybe you’ve developed strategies that work to alleviate some discomfort, but stress continues to impact your relationships, performance and sense of vitality. Perhaps your intuition is telling you that now is the right time to make a change in the way you approach the stress in your life. But, you may not know how you can recognize your strengths, own your talents and reclaim your power so you can relax and enjoy your work.

Fortunately, there is help and hope. As a stress management coach, I provide a supportive, collaborative environment where you can identify stressors and develop strategies to find relief and foster a sense of confidence and satisfaction.

Stress Management Coaching Can Help You Feel Calm and Confident

Throughout the process of stress management coaching, I provide a safe, collaborative relationship where you can explore why you are stressed, pinpoint both personal and professional goals and actively work toward them. Through a comprehensive assessment, you can identify how balanced and satisfied you feel in your life. You can start taking immediate steps to alleviate unneeded stress and begin focusing more on the mindset and actions you need to feel calmer, more connected and increasingly confident and empowered in your life. You can learn to recognize how stress is affecting you emotionally, physically or spiritually and develop customized skills and strategies to manage stress.

I take an active, engaging and solution-oriented approach to coaching, tailoring each session and all strategy to your particular strengths, goals and needs. By incorporating mindfulness techniques and other exercises, such as journaling, meditation and/or focused breathing, you can learn to recognize and manage stress as it arises. In addition, you can develop new communication and leadership skills to better manage conflict, budget your time and be more assertive about setting boundaries. 

I have been working with women from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds for 20 years, and I am committed to helping other women manage stress and foster a sense of confidence and satisfaction in their life and relationships. In addition to operating my therapy and coaching practice, I have provided stress management training for Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), and I have seen how valuable stress management skills can be in overcoming adversity at work and at home. With the guidance and support of a stress management coach, you can build the confidence and skills you need to feel calm and in control as you navigate life’s challenges.

But, you may still have questions or concerns about working with a stress coach…

I don’t have time for coaching.

Stress can leave you feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up with all of your responsibilities. But, studies have shown that when stress becomes too great, it can affect concentration, performance and productivity. By taking time to reduce stress, many clients find that they are able to work more efficiently and accomplish more in less time.

I also offer early morning and evening appointments if your schedule won’t allow you to meet during the day.

I’ve been coping with stress for years. What if changing my routine now only makes things worse?

Stress can leave you feeling boxed in and helpless to make a change. It can be intimidating to review and consider changing a process or routine that has helped you cope in the past. But, once you have the support you need to explore your stress in a safe environment, you might discover new options and possibilities that can help you live your life with greater calm and confidence.

I’ve tried stress coaching before and it didn’t work.

Effective coaching can only take place when you find the right coach for your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to stress management, and you may not have found the coach or approach that works for you. If you have tried coaching in the past, I would love to talk to you about what didn’t work so the same mistakes are not repeated. We can also explore strategies for dealing with stress and decide if we are the right fit for one another. 

You Can Feel Calm and Confident

If you are ready to find relief, or if you have additional questions about stress management coaching in New York City, I invite you to call me at (516) 647-1712 or use my online calendar to schedule a free, 15-minute phone consultation.

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